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LE CHAT Chat-Script

Example Screenshots

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LE CHAT is a simple, yet highly customisable webchat and should work with any browser. Only frames and HTML/CSS are used (CSS optional), no cookies, no JavaScript and no plugins are required. The server just needs to support Perl CGI-scripts, with standard modules installed.

If you want a neat preconfigured chat with additional features, check out this modified version from Friendly Script Updater.
Thank you guys for providing it, and sorry that I couldn't check your version earlier. I didn't have enough spare time last year to do much in the onion world, so I couldn't audit your script in time. Things will be better again this year.

In case you prefer PHP over Perl, you might also want to check out LE Chat-PHP from Daniel Winzen.

Attention Tor Browser users! The latest Tor Browser update (5.5) broke the frames and automatic refreshing, but that is not a problem of my code. Apparently NoScript or TorButton are going way overboard again, as has happened in the past already.I could rule out NoScript and the original Firefox 38.6.0esr, also Torbutton seems to make no difference either. Looks like it has to do with this ticket. Once I know a mitigation, I'll post it here. Otherwise let's hope the next Tor Browser update will fix it. There are more popular sites affected, so this bug should get enough attention from the developers. Update: the latest Tor Browser update (5.5.1) has fixed it. :-)


What's new in version 1.14?

Furthermore there are lots of small improvements overall and minor issues fixed. Also the HTML is now better standards compliant, I only made exceptions where it would break browser compatibility. The chat might not look very pretty in e.g. Netscape 4 or OffByOne, but it's still fully functional. ;-)



Brief installation instructions are written in the script-file. If you are on Windows and have trouble with the line encoding (UNIX), you can rename the cgi-file to *.txt and then view it in your browser.
If you upgrade from v1.13: Make a backup first (just in case)! The members file can be used as is. To update the config file, go into the setup, review all the settings and click "save changes". You'll also have to unsuspend the chat again and reopen the room for guests. That's all.
For tweaking your chat check out this page with helpful settings and content filters.
Any feedback or bug reports? Please let me know!


Lucky Eddie


Future plans

What I'm working on next, probably available in v1.15...

Old versions

Still available, in case you want a copy.