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Helpful Settings and Content Filters

This is just a loose collection of things you can do to tweak your installation of LE CHAT. It's work in progress, so check back every once in a while. If you have questions or cool ideas to contribute yourself, you can contact me.

HTML and CSS Tricks

If you are completely new to HTML and CSS, look for some tutorials on the net to learn the basics.

Useful Content Filters

If you are completely new to regular expressions, check out this Regular Expressions Primer for a start or do your own research for beginners tutorials. You can still copy the examples here though without any great knowledge needed.
In LE CHAT the filters are case insensitive by default and no delimiters are needed (like s/match/replace/ e.g.). The match and replace strings simply have their own boxes.
You can add comments directly to your regular expressions with (?# comment). All my examples are commented that way to have a short description on the setup page.
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